Calculated Custom Field Type Causing Full Reindexing Failure in Jira


I created calculated custom field in Jira where it computes its value based on another project’s custom field (I do jql )

To give more context: In method getValueFromIssue I am doing, query, getPageFilter())

In full reindexing it is failing and it is giving me this error:

**Error indexing issue project key: Dropping 'calculated custom field id'**
**Wait attempt timed out - waited 30000 milliseconds**

**com.atlassian.jira.issue.index.IndexException: Wait attempt timed out - waited 30000 milliseconds**

Does anyone have workaround to do this logic


The index is not available when performing a foreground/full reindex. The exception is accurate and correct. IndexLifecycleManager#isIndexAvailable method will tell you if you can perform searches.

I will also note that performing a JQL Search within a #getValueFromIssue is quite expensive and a poor pattern.

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Hello @sfbehnke

Thanks for the info.
Do you know any workaround other than the jql thing to do the computation