Call as an endpoint

Is it possible to call as an endpoint instead of via the github-for-jira plugin?


  • We are part of a large GitHub organization – > 3.5k users, 5k repositories.
  • We are not GitHub admins
  • We want to use the github-for-jira app to enrich our GitHub and Jira systems

Problem: Adding Github repos to JIRA

This requires an individual who is both a GitHub admin and a Jira admin.
This is problematic for a few reasons:

  • It requires us to give an external user admin rights to our Jira instance
  • We have to log a ticket with the GitHub admins to add a repo

In the long run it doesn’t make sense to have manual intervention in linking GitHub and Jira - this should be something that happens as close to automatically as possible.

Attempted Solution

In order to try work around the limitations above we attempted to create a GitHub Issue template driven workflow.
The workflow worked in the following manner

  • User creates an issue using the format provided by the template
    o User provides the repository name that is intended to be linked
  • Action initiates
    o Retrieves the repository ID
    o Links the repository to the Jira app installation

Shortcoming of attempted solution

The above solution still requires a Jira admin to login and click the “Restart backfill” button.

We investigated whether it was possible to call from our GitHub action, but from what I can see of the github-for-jira codebase it looks like this endpoint is only intended to be used by the github-for-jira app.


Is it possible that we could call this endpoint without being the github-for-jira app?
Alternatively is there another endpoint that we could call that would have the same effect?