Call to rest end point from listener script

Hi, I have a groovy code in a listener.

def equipos = ["ICPRFPSCVW-54227"]

if (sprint.state == Sprint.State.CLOSED &&"-SP")) {

    def view = rapidViewService.getRapidView(user, sprint.rapidViewId).value
    def encontrado = equipos.find { it.split('-')[1].toInteger() == }

    if (encontrado) {
        def proyecto = encontrado.split('-')[0]
        def boardId = encontrado.split('-')[1]

        // ----------- CREAR Y TRANSICIONAR PETICIÓN -----------
        Issues.create(proyecto, 'Sprint Report') {
            setSummary('Pendiente informar Sprint Id')
            setCustomFieldValue('Sprint Id',
        }.transition('Refresh Metrics')

I need to make a call to my rest endpoint where I want to retrieve an array and then use it in the rest of the listener code.

Can you help me?

Thank you
Michael Sordo