Calling - GET /rest/api/3/user/assignable/search fails - returning empty result

Hi Folks,

Recently we found that the Jira Cloud endpoint GET /rest/api/3/user/assignable/search - seems to stopped working.

We are calling it using AP in our plugin and empty list is returned :frowning: (on the other hand calling it directly from browser works fine).

We’ve already created support ticket but it seems to be stall at the moment. Any insights on what’s going on and confirmation if anyone also encountered such a problem will be appreciated.

We are suspecting some kind of permission changes/bugs introduced recently.

Michal Dubel


We just discovered that the /rest/api/[version]/user/groups now requires ACT_AS_USER in order to be used. My guess is something similar. There was a similiar issue previously this week with /rest/api/3/user . Don’t know if there’s anyone at Atlassian available to dig into things.


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Thanks @dubelm. You have an issue link handy?

hi @nmansilla,

Sure, the one we’ve created can be found here -

Michal Dubel

Yeah - we’ve seen quite a few instances of this problem as well since about 1-2 weeks.

The weird thing is, we’ve even seen this in the browser (from end-user to Jira instance). Though via the connect JS bridge.



Re: @daniel’s comment, we’ve kept the scope on our test app to only READ.

We can’t recreate problem. We’ve created a new default access user (not admin), but getting results back each time from within Connect app. Perhaps you can share more details that can help us reproduce… user and group access info, etc.

  1. Is this happening across all instances you’ve tested against?
  2. Do you have details about when this started happening?
  3. What query parameters are you passing?
  4. Can you test it with only project ID or key to see if that returns any results?

I think we also have one customer which might be facing this issue, though I think we are using the Version 2 endpoint. We got notified of this earlier this week (Tuesday), but cannot reproduce this in our instance. @nmansilla I’ll try to send you the affected instance in a DM. Not sure if this issue is still happening on that instance though, we’ll try to check with the customer next week.

Hi @nmansilla,

Thanks for Your effort, answering Your questions:

  1. Actually - not, it’s reproducible in majority, newly created instances but not on all of them (also we’ve already got a bunch of customers requests - complaining on broken picker (that uses mentioned endpoint under the hood) on their instances -> that is a result of a problems with this endpoint).
  2. First complain was around 20th of September - few days after rising a request problem was gone (for that particular customer), then a long period of silence and now it’s started to pop-up for different customers.
  3. Query, maxResults, showAvatar, project (tested on projectId and projectKey)
  4. Done that - still the result is an empty list

What’s more - /rest/api/3/user/assignable/multiProjectSearch endpoint seems to work just fine for same use cases. And we encounter problems only when calling this endpoint through AP.request.

Just an idea - maybe You could try it on our test dev-instance (recently created) on which problem persists? It’s . Let me know if You will be able to check this or will need some explicit privileges to be granted.

@nmansilla we’re also only seeing this on some cloud instances, not all of them.

Basically our user picker is broken on affected instances. Under the hood we make a call to the version 2 rest API using the AP connect bridge to find assignable users.

We’re also facing this issue. It’s been reported by customers and we can also reproduce it.

I raised a DEVHELP-3579 on 30th of September and am still waiting on a response.

Interestingly we have two add-ons installed in the same instance and they both make use of the same API call but only one of them returns empty results!

We’re seeing the issue through AP.request and I can confirm I get the same results from either the version 2 or version 3 API.

I am seeing this issue on my instance also, using rest v2.

Getting an empty result set ([]) when the request is made via the connect bridge.

Update: a bug that was causing this issue was identified, and that has been rolled back. As soon as there are details to share (after incident review) we will post details on this thread.

One of our customers confirmed it is working again!

Have the sampe issue.
Getting an empty result set ([])


Found this thrad useful:

We have seen the same issue with one customer but using the end pint
Where any query would return an empty result set. This normally works fine for all our customers, could it be related?