API multiProjectSearch is not working for projects or different type

Is it possible to get users assignable to multiple projects in one request?

Jira CLOUD API multiProjectSearch should have covered this, but isn’t working.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create projects AA of type “Software Project”
  2. Create projects BB of type “Business Project”
  3. Send request /rest/api/2/user/assignable/multiProjectSearch?projectKeys=AA,BB

Expected result: users list returned
Actual result: returned list is empty

According to api docs it accepts comma separated list of projects:
“projectKeys : A list of project keys (case sensitive). This parameter accepts a comma-separated list.”


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I faced the same error.


My request gave an empty array []

appeared AA was a project are of the type:

Next-gen software

The rest of the projects had a type:

Classic business

The request gave the correct result when I’ve excluded the project AA:


I do not know if it is a #bug.