Calling PDF Export from a Confluence Forge App

Hello, I am building a Forge app that opens as a modal dialog where a user can fill out a form and then send the current page, as a PDF, to an external API.

I have been unable to find in the documentation or in the community anything about being able to send a PDF export request either with the Confluence rest API or any other way in Forge and then get either the contents of the PDF or a way to download the file after the export request.

Previously, I have set up another API that I can send the page content to and it will convert to PDF for me, but it’s not as compatible as the Confluence PDF Export option. I have seen use of calling https://{yoursite}/wiki/spaces/flyingpdf/pdfpageexport.action?pageId={pageid} however, this results in a page with a download link. I can’t even get the correct results of this page through a GET call in my Forge app to then try to parse out the link and go from there.

Is there a way to accomplish this that I am just not finding or are there other options or tools if this is not possible?