Hello, I am trying to make an api call using Oauth authentication, but i am not be able to find proper endpoints for oauth authorization & get access token.
would you please help me, that i can be able to make an api call using oauth authorization


Trello’s API only supports OAuth 1.0. You can find documentation regarding it at the bottom of the authorization page here:

Yes i saw these endpoints.

but the headers and query params and method of the API are mentioned over there.
would you pls help me to get my access token using postman ?

Because OAuth 1.0 requires a number of requests that are time sensitive, instead of trying to use Postman, I’d recommend trying to understand what is happening by digging into the example Glitch project here:!/trello-oauth

Yes, I tried to understand this project!/trello-oauth . but wasn’t able to find the exact way to solve my problem,
because the headers OR query params and methods of the API’s wasn’t mentioned over there.
would you please help me with this ?

I am stuck at a similar place. I need information on what are the headers or query parameters needed for OAuth 1.0 endpoints. Did you manage to find the relevan information?

I want to be clear here because it is easy to get confused: there are two separate ways to get a token to access the API.

The first way is using OAuth 1.0. The Glitch Project uses OAuth 1.0. Our OAuth 1.0 implementation follows the OAuth 1.0 Specification. If you are not familiar with OAuth 1.0 and are not already using it for other applications, I wouldn’t recommend it as a starting point. I would recommend the option below.

The second way is using the 1/authorize/ route. By sending a user to this route with your API key, you are able to ask them to grant your application (identified by the API key) access to their account. For instance, here is the authorization grant using my API key:'s%20Example%20Project&key=0471642aefef5fa1fa76530ce1ba4c85.

If you hit accept, you’ll be given a token which can be passed along with the API key in query parameters to the Trello API. Because your Trello user granted access my API access, you are accessing Trello’s API as that user. So if you take the key and token and add them to the following request:{token}

you will see the data related to your Trello member. You can continue to pass in the key and token as query parameters to other API routes.

The end result of both of these options is that you will receive a token that can be used to access Trello’s API on behalf of a user.

I use ( example with node.js for my backend application but it’s not working for me. It do not return token and token secret after calling this method in login function. Also it shows ERROR: { statusCode: 400, data: 'Invalid Signature' }

const requestURL = "";
const accessURL = "";
const authorizeURL = "";
const appName = "Trello OAuth Example";
const scope = 'read';
const expiration = '1hour';
// this mehtod called inside login function
oauth.getOAuthRequestToken(function(error, token, tokenSecret, results){
    oauth_secrets[token] = tokenSecret; 
    console.log(token, tokenSecret); // it returns undefined undefined in console
    if (error) console.error('ERROR:' , error)

I tried this /1/auhorize route and it works fine after user grant API access, but it shows token in webpage. I want to use token in node.js backend to make another API calls. How I can retrieve token in backend only and store in DB for future usage?