Can add-ons user still be identified by usernames starting with 'addon_' after the migration to accountId?


We have a Confluence Cloud app that needs to identify other add-on users.

The use case is when we create new spaces and verify that the permissions are set to the space as expected - add-on users are special users and get permissions to newly created spaces even if not specified in the permissions array, so we want to ignore them when verifying the permission configuration.

At the moment we identify the add-on users by the fact that their usernames are prefixed with ‘addon_’.

Wondering if someone knows if this will still work after the migration to only using accountId is completed?

Hello Riku,

Do you any direction on identifying the add_on users in the app ? We need to filter the add_on users in our plugin as well.


Hi @sfg, in your case this issue might be of interest for you:

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