Can anyone suggest right way to make either production and development instances for Jira Cloud App?

Can anyone suggest right way to make either production and development instances for Jira Cloud for my App?


  1. Our source code is stored on SVN (not on GIT repository) repository of the Siemens Polarion ALM (sorry about that we do not use Atlassian Products for project management)
  2. Our CI/CD is Jenkins (I am not sure about that is use of this really necessary)
  3. Back-end Source Code is made with PHP (Zend Framework 1.12.10) an front-end source is made with JavaScript (Ext JS 4.2.+)
  4. I just want to make either production (that can be subscribed via Atlassian Makerplace) and development environment (with different URI than production environment)
  5. How to make these all to can be used by multiple team members on local Windows 10 machines with i.e team member’s personal development environment on XAMPP and with PHPEclipse with Eclipse SVN Plugin named Eclipse Subversive (my App is nice to have able to developed multiple team members)?

Can anyone help me on this case?

Can anyone suggest right way to make either production and development instances for Jira Cloud for my App?

I’m not sure how to relate this question to all the other details you provided, but the short answer might be to simply sign up for free development instances at so you can build in one instance and test in another. You didn’t mention how large your team is, but those instances work for up to 5 users for Jira Software and Confluence. And only 1 agent for Jira Service Management. If you add more users than the limit, you will start getting billing emails so manage users carefully. I often recommend turning off JSM before you add more users than yourself, if you aren’t building for it specifically.


My Team size is only me at the moment and I have only one Siemens Polarion REQUIREMENTS license for me as super-admin and one Polarion PRO license for employee. Siemens Polarion ALM licenses costs about from hundreds to thousand of EUROs based to license type per user so it come to very expensive to establishment a large team with that.

I am took Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management Cloud free plan just a moment but I have no similar instance for development yet.

I know that if I going to make XAMPP instance to local PC machine then I need to buy 4G/5G internet connections for all team members with static and public IP address and point some subdomain to their local machine public IP address and that is come to expensive, because these kind of internet connections cost more than Jira Cloud in minimum per month per connection. And also give my Official Wildcard SSL Certificate for all developers.

I have production server already where my current version of my Cloud App is hosted with 16 Core AMD CPU, 64Gb RAM, and 240 Gb SSD hard disk and 15Tb / month bandwidth.

For a moment I currently developing my Jira Colud App in the production environment as private listing on Atlassian Marketplace.

My question is only a do I need an another Jira Cloud instance for development and make an another private listing of my App on Marketplace?

Hi Matti,

Recommend reading through the getting started items here: There is a lot of valuable information and walkthrough through setting up a dev environment of a new app. The ngrok utility prevents the need for publicly addressable services.

Yes you will need multiple Jira cloud environments for app dev, testing, prod. My team has 3 separate Jira cloud environments, each with a different URL. With < 5 users you can generally stay free tier on each.

You do not need an app in the marketplace to test it in the dev Jira Cloud environment.

Also you may want to consider cloud hosting providers. We use Heroku hobby instances for low volume testing environments. No hardware cost, ssl certs are free, etc.


Thanks for information.