Can forge implement post function?

When can forge provide post function? If so, what are the implementation methods? If not, does it only support connect?

Sorry, I don’t totally understand your question. It be better if you explain a bit more

  • If you want to make a post request on jira or confluence apis you would have to add scopes in your manifest.yml.
    - 'read:me'
    - 'jira:read'
    - storage:app```

reference:- [here](

* if you want to send a request to an external api. you would have to app the api url in the manifest.yml like


scopes: [






    - ''

reference:- [here](


Hi @liumulin ,

Excluding connect-on-forge, which is in alpha, I believe workflow validators are the closest Forge feature.

Hello, does forge provide a rest API for post function?


does forge provide a rest API for post function?

No. The ability to extend issue workflow post-functions is only available as a Connect Module at this time. To @jhazelwood’s point, the Forge workflow validator module is the most similar concept available to Forge.

OK, thank you. Can forge implement the validator function? Does forge provide a rest API for storing validator properties? In addition, Can forge provide rest APIs for JQL function and condition?