Can i develop jira cloud add on with out node js

i am trying to develop add on for jira cloud,can i do it with technology other than node?

Hi @robgogoworku,

You can use any technology you want, as long as you can make REST API calls and build UI elements you are good to go. We are aware that most of our examples are in Node.JS but please don’t let that stop you.


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Yes you can use any JavaScript Frameworks to make Client Side and with any programming language for Server Side. I am expert to make PHP Server Side with Firebase JWT and Zend Framework. So ask from me if you want to make Jira Cloud App with PHP.

I wrote a blog post about this a little while back: Please follow the new blog link (Content outdated) | by Robert Massaioli | Medium

You might be interested in reading through that. It tells you how to make any web service an Atlassian Cloud App.

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I would really love that. Could you give me some advice and resources so i could do that because i like to think i am good in php.

If you going to make a Cloud App with PHP first need this: GitHub - firebase/php-jwt: PHP package for JWT and with Zend Framework is easily to make REST API calls with HTTP client: Manual - Documentation - Zend Framework

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