Can I have multi Forge Admin Pages?

The title tells everything: Can I have multi Forge Admin Page?
Right now, I can create only one Web Item in the Jira Admin Page, even if I have multi in my manifest:

    - key: main-page
      title: Forge Admin Page
    - key: config-page
      title: Configuration

With that manifest, I still get only one web item:

And furthermore, will Forge support to create Web Section to group our admin pages (like ScriptRunner in the picture)?


Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen,

currently it’s possible to add only one admin page per app.
will Forge support to create Web Section to group our admin pages - it is considered to be implemented but not scheduled yet.



Thank @mskrzypkowski for your answer.

@mskrzypkowski having this ability is critical to my ability to port my existing ACE apps. Is there a place where I can watch for this feature to be implemented?

@LorenzoPhillips which app exactly? You track it here Please note that we will split it later on to smaller cards, the target date is estimated for the whole initiative.

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@JakubMierzewski not sure if you mean my apps, but I have (2) of them: Instance Auditor (Jira) and Instance Auditor (Confluence). Basically, I have a webSection in both apps that render multiple adminPages. Right now with Forge, I can only render a single adminPage.

Forge is definitely the way to go for me, but I have to wait until it can support more than one adminPage before it’s ready for my apps. Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked it and will keep track of things going forward.