Can I show / hide a global page according to a user belonging to a certain Jira Group?

Hi Atlassian,

we can see that the jira:globalPage module allows for specifying some display conditions that control if the module is displayed or not in the UI. Is there any condition that would show / hide the page if the user belongs or not to a certain User Group?


Hi @EulogioGutierrez ,

As per, the isAdmin and isSiteAdmin display conditions are supported by the jira:globalPage module. There are also a number of permission based display conditions detailed in, but I don’t think there are conditions based on arbitrary user groups.


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Hi @EulogioGutierrez,

Today we announced new Forge Jira permission modules: Forge Jira permission modules EAP

You can use them to display certain functionality for the user depending on the permission (permission check can be done via REST API call). Hope it helps with your use case.

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