Can JSD send a notification to the email the user submits through the issue collector?

JSD offers the ability to set a Customer Notification when they submit an issue. It works when the issue is submitted through the Customer Portal, however, the same does not happen when submitting the issue through an issue collector.

We have tried setting a JIRA Automation rule to send an email on each issue tagged with the issue collector label, however it fails to deliver the email to the address the user submitted in the issue collector dialog, it only works if that address matches that of an user registered in JSD, which is not the most common use-case.

Is there any way to make JSD send an automated email notification to that email?

Hi @naiara,

We have this same thing set up on In our issue collector if the name and email are not matched to a user the issue is created by a default user and the contact information is attached to the description of the issue and the reporter isn’t attached to the issue. I’m just confirming this is the functionality that we’re seeing when we set up our issue collector.

With that said, this probably isn’t the best community for asking this type of question as this community is centered more around using the APIs of Atlassian products vs using the features that come with the products. You may have better luck asking this in the user community where there are hundreds of admins and champions that can help answer this question.


Thanks Ralph! Sorry for the mistake, I will post this question in the proper community :slight_smile: