Can not assign user to issue via Python API due to GDPR error


I use (the latest) atlassian-python-api to retrieve a task created with the software:

key = “AL-163”
taak = jira_instance.issue(key)

When I observe the fields in “taak” then I see the assignee tree with an accountid ‘5faxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx453’.

Then I create an new task without an assignee (that works) and would like to assign that accountid later with:

assign_issue = jira_instance.assign_issue(“AL-177”, account_id = ‘5faxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx453’)

but this does not work. I always get the error:
‘accountId’ must be the only user identifying query parameter in GDPR strict mode.

Clearing the assignee with
assign_issue = jira_instance.assign_issue(“AL-163”)
works as expected.

I think the account_id is correct since it is reported in the request of an issue and if I browse to
I get the correct profile.

I have the latest python library:
mario@LAPTOP-MARIO:~$ pip show atlassian-python-api
Name: atlassian-python-api
Version: 3.20.1
Summary: Python Atlassian REST API Wrapper
Home-page: GitHub - atlassian-api/atlassian-python-api: Atlassian Python REST API wrapper

Can somebody help me?
It is very frustrating … :worried:


Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @mariowitdoek !

I checked the Atlassian Python API wrapper’s implementation and in they are using a deprecated field name when assigning issues (see Assign issue docs for reference).

To fix this in the library, maybe you can raise a PR and contribute to the project by replacing name with accountId.

As a workaround, I checked the library and you can try using update_issue_field.

Here you can pass the assignee as a field. For reference, this is a sample body parameter when setting the assignee field while using Edit issue REST API. For this library, I assume you only need the assignee part.

            "accountId": "<accountId>"

Hope this helps and do let us know how it goes.


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Another option would be to generate a Python client library from our latest spec. I described that process here: Generating a Python REST Client for Jira Cloud