Can not find the button displaying the Atlassian logo in the issue panel

I followed this steps via
But I can’t find the button displaying the Atlassian logo in the issue panel.
how can I find this button?

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @bergeron1002!

I followed the tutorial just now and was able to successfully deploy and install the sample app (see image below)

To better understand your current state, I have the following questions:

  1. Which part of the tutorial did you end up with?
  2. Were there any errors on the CLI when you call forge deploy and/or forge install?
  3. Which screen are you at when checking for the issue panel? Can you share a screenshot?
  4. Is the app also not evident in the issue view screen?


On a side note, I think this question is the same as Couldn't find the button that displaying Atlassian logo in issue panel. Do you mind if we keep only one so that we can consolidate all information in one place?

Very thanks for your kind answering.
I followed
But in my issue panel I couldn’t find this button.
This is my current page view.

As you can see there is no button.
Thanks again

And I wanna make an app that has a button in issue panel.
When I click this button, I want to call api.
is it possible ?

Hi @bergeron1002,

That’s interesting :thinking: Can you share the modules section of your manifest? Also, did you get any errors during forge deploy or forge install?

When I click this button, I want to call api.
is it possible ?

Yes, you can check this tutorial on how to call Jira REST APIs.


There was no error when I run deploy and install.

- key: hello-world-hello-world-admin-page
resource: admin
function: admin
title: hello-world-bergeron
- key: admin

  • key: admin
    path: static/admin-page/build
    id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/4a5e31ac-dbc3-49aa-882f-8bc6484b89b3

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Hi @bergeron1002, it seems like you did not use the correct template here as you chose compass:adminPage.

Based on the docs you should use the UI kit category and Jira issue panel template; this is what caused the app not to appear.

  1. Select the UI kit category.
  2. Select the jira-issue-panel template.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much I solved!
and also I want to get these data in jira issue panel.
how can I pass them when I click button?