Can not post a comment via API when issue is created via Backbone issue sync (Jira Service Management Cloud)

I’ve been successfully post comments on to issues created on my Jira Service Management instance by using create request comment API on Jira Service Management (Cloud) . However, when I tried to post a comment to an issue created by Backbone issue sync (Atlassian Marketplace), I get the following error.

Has anyone encountered the same issue ?

“errorMessage”: “The request type you are trying to view does not exist.”,
“i18nErrorMessage”: {
“i18nKey”: “sd.customerview.error.vpOriginMissing”,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @LamontColyar!

This happens when the requestType of a service desk issue is not set. Can you verify if the request you are trying to comment on has a Request Type set? If it is set to None then that explains why your API call is failing.

If the above scenario is what you are indeed facing, I suggest that you check your Issue Synchronization field mappings and make sure that the Request Type is being mapped.

Disclaimer: I am not a member of Backbone issue sync team :slight_smile: but I believe the scenario I described will cause the same error you are hitting.

Hope this helps!

Hi @iragudo,

Thank you for the response.
As you pointed out, the request type on the issue was set to blank and after I manually set the Request type, the create request comment API successfully went through. Again, thank you so much for your advice !! :pray: