Can someone pretty pretty pretty please fix Atlassian ID?

Has any of the Atlassian developers working on Atlassian ID ever tried logging on to the CDAC, MPAC and a cloud instance with multiple accounts? If so, would you reckon this to be is possible?

Hint: it isn’t.

Can anyone please implement an Account Switcher in any and all places where you are using Atlassian ID? The user experience is excruciating. The only reason I am not throwing my computer out the window is because for once I know it’s not caused by the computer nor my own faulty code.


Have you tried Firefox containers?


In order to use multiple accounts “simultaneously” I use different firefox profiles, and start firefox with

firefox -profilemanager -no-remote

such that I can start multiple firefox instances. Some of these instances are in private mode to not save login cookies.

That bugs me quite a lot. I’m both vendor and consultant, thus I have access to many customers Jira’s. So every time I have to ask to provide Jira access with my vendor account, not the email within customer domain (typically it’s a GSuite). And it’s really weird to see how I can easily and seamlessly switch between Gsuite and Google accounts, and how I just can’t use multiple Atlassian accounts with same Google authorization.


I understand the concept of multiple browsers, profiles, containers, etc. But I’m very very sad that we’ve reached a point that working with Atlassian often results in the conclusion that this is a “me” problem.

Account switching and identity management is not rocket science. This is not innovation. Atlassian did not come up with this. I’ve been happily managing ~10 Google accounts for over a decade. I never run into this problem with any of the Google services, not with Gmail, nor switching to any of the other Google products (incl. Analytics, GCP, Firebase). This works seamlessly.

This is an Atlassian problem, and a problem of delivering half-baked solutions. Atlassian ID is not finished, stop thinking about new shiny things and just take the time to do it right for once.



Yes please! Have the same problem here, being a vendor and belonging to other teams at the same time.

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