Can someone share "Atlassian Design Tokens" Figma plugin link?

I’ve read in Atlassian Figma community’s ADS: Design Tokens page that there is a plugin (Atlassian Design Tokens) for applying design tokens.

Can someone please share with me the link of the “Atlassian Design Tokens” plugin, as I couldn’t find it? Thank you!

Screenshot is from the page in Figma I learnt about the plugin.

Hello @Robert_Mian

When you did a Google search for “Atlassian Design Tokens Figma” , the second result returned would have been this recent thread in this forum, did you read that thread?

Or, when you did a search of this forum for the word ‘Figma’ and the very first result, right there at the top of the results list, was the announcement “Our Atlassian Design Tokens Figma plugin is currently down for the community”, did you not consider that contained the answer to your question?

@sunnyape I relied on similar topic suggestions when writing the question, and nothing relevant popped up, so I decided to go ahead and ask it. Anyway, thank you for your time. You answered my question in the most elaborate way.