Can someone tell me what a "team label" should be?

Exploring the LabelManager I found quite some references to TeamLabels, but nothing told me what this should be.
(f.e. com.atlassian.confluence.labels.LabelManager)

Can someone enlighten me, please?

They are Space Categories.

Thanks and sorry for taking some time to respond. I was wondering why there are Space TeamLabels and Space Labels - I guess there are both space categories?
When I edit the labels of a space (/spaces/viewspacesummary.action?key=XYZ) I found that it created a TeamLabel, how and when should I use SpaceLabels?
I.e. I would use " SpaceLabelManager.getAvailableTeamLabels(String spaceKey)" to retrieve that label. When would I use “getLabelsOnSpace(Space space)”?

Would really appreciate some hints here!