Can’t filter by organization ID in Jira Service Desk Server


I want to filter my request based on selected organization. ( I’m using Jira Service Desk Server )
I set requestOwnership = ORGANIZATION and organizationId = 1.

Her you can see the full URL.
http://localhost:8080/rest/servicedeskapi/request/ ?organizationId=1&requestOwnership=ORGANIZATION

The result that I get back is 0 requests .

If I do the same on Atlassian Cloud ( I made a test account ) it is working. I’m currently using Jira Service Desk Server Version: 3.15.1

Is this not implemented in this version or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Hello, @mvoermans, this is the expected behavior.

In server land, although ORGANIZATION is an accepted (and by accepted, not throwing an error) value for requestOwnership query parameter, as per Get my customer requests REST API documentation, it is not listed as a valid value for requestOwnership. In addition to that, organizationId is not a valid query parameter.

On the other hand, it works as expected in JSD cloud because that functionality is available as documented in Get customer requests.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Ian,

Thanks for you quick response and clearly answer!

Do you maybe now why it’s not implemented yet in JSD server and is there already an issue regarding to this problem?



You’re welcome, @mvoermans. I am not yet aware as to why it is not implemented in JSD server and I was not able to find an issue related to this.

What I can suggest is if you’re interested to get the requests given an organization, you might want to try Jira Server’s Search API then pass the organization in the JQL like Organizations in (Org, Org2). Will that work for your use case?


This is not working for me because users with the Customer Role are not allowed to use the JQL search API.

Could you maybe create a ticket regarding this issue? I also tested the Jira Service Desk 4 beta and in the API docs organizationId was still missing.


As requested, I created this suggestion on your behalf. Feel free to vote, watch, and add comments as you deem necessary.


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Thanks for you help!

I voted and started watching the issue.

Kind regards,