Can the Macro editor be opened automatically when the autoConverter creates a macro?

I have added a dynamicContentMacro to a page which can be added by pasting a URL using the autoConverter property.

{"autoconvert": {"urlParameter": "url",
                             "matchers": [..]},
 "url": ".....view",
 "editor": {"url": "...edit"},
 "parameters": [{"identifier": "url",
                             "name": {"value": "URL"},
                             "type": "string",
                             "required": false,
                             "multiple": false,
                             "hidden": false},
                           {"identifier": "accountId",
                             "name": {"value": "Account ID"},
                             "type": "string",
                             "required": true,
                             "multiple": false,
                             "hidden": false}]}

When pasting a link the url-parameter gets set by the autoconverter and the macro is shown in display-mode.

I also need to set the required parameter accountId and it seems this can only be done when the macro editor is open.

Is there a way to have the editor to be opened right after the autoconverter adds a new macro?

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