Can transitions of Story automatically trigger the necessary transitions for Feature?

For Example: If i have 3 stories linked to a Feature and one them moved to “To do” to “In Progress” the Feature should also change to “In Progress”.

Same way if all the three stories moved to “Done” the Feature should also changed to “Done”.

We don’t have any customization Add-ons integrated with JIRA except Script Runner.

I am new to Script Runner and Groovy script.

How to achieve this with Script Runner?

I tried to find a solution for this in online and script runner documentation. I couldn’t find way to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Mani,

as far as I know ScriptRunner does not allow transitions of linked issues out of the box. So you will need to do some scripting by yourself.

If you are working with more complex workflows more often I’d recommend the Add-On Misc Workflow Extensions which adds a lot of workflow functionality.

With this add-on you got the “Transition linked issues” postfunction which does exactly what you asked for without one single line of scripting yourself.


Fast Track listeners/postfunctions in Scriptrunner should handle this fine without custom scripting.