Can Trello REST API rate limits be increased?

Hi :wave:

I’ve created a trello powerup and a chrome extension that work together to link open tabs to the currently open board in a trello board. When I close a board the open tabs next to it are closed too, their URLs saved via trello’s REST API as custom data attached to that board, and if I reopen it the tabs are reopened in the same order from those URLs. Basically, it’s a sort of “git stash my open tabs” :wink:

This leads to quite a few REST API calls, every time I open and close a card on a board where the powerup is active. As long as I’m the only one using it, it works perfectly, I am delighted the way it improves my Trello experience. In fact I am so happy with it that I’d like to make it public and freely available, but it seems to me that it will be impossible to operate with the documented rate limits for more than a hundred users.
Does anyone know if rate limits are negotiable with Atlassian? :grimacing: