Can we create a IssueTypeScheme from the API?

I’m looking at the Jira API for creating Issue Type:

But there is no API to create Issue Type Scheme, or associate an Issue Type with Issue Type Scheme

My end goal is to create a custom Screen for my new Issue Type

So far from that webpage of REST API 7.6.1, I’m missing APIs for:

  • Create Issue Type Scheme
  • Associate and Issue Type Scheme with an Issue Type
  • Create Screen
  • Create Screen Scheme
  • Create Issue Type Screen Schemes
  • Associate a Project with a different Issue Type Scheme

Hello Pringadi

That REST API documentation relates to the old v7.6.1.

The ability to create Issue Type Schemes via the REST API has existed for a while, in v8.4.2 and higher at least.

Check which version of Jira Server you’re running. You’ll need to either upgrade your version of Jira Server if you want that functionality, or refer to the correct version of REST API documentation that relates to your Jira version.

Thanks @sunnyape

So the main idea is to customize a project programmatically. Creating a new Issue Type, a Screen (Web forms), customize that Screen with several Custom Fields (Different labels, custom options/select boxes).

Even on REST API v 8.15.1 we are I still unable to create Custom Field(s).

Hello @pringadi_synopsys

The ability to create custom fields has existed in the v2 REST API for a very long time:

You can’t create screens via the v2 REST API, only change them and add fields to them:

The topic of not being able to create screens via the v2 REST API has been extensively discussed on other threads.

There is this existing thread from Atlassian on the topic of the progress of updating the REST API for managing screens, but relates to Jira Cloud and the v3 REST API.