Can we send a custom notification?

Hello, I wanted to know about the possibility of sending a custom notification to a user in Jira and Confluence without specifying an issue parameter. I am aware of the API provided in Jira that requires an issue key as a parameter notify-API.

Is there an alternative method to send notifications directly using an Atlassian ID or email, bypassing the requirement for an issue parameter in Jira?

Additionally, I would like to know if there is a similar feature available in the Confluence cloud API to send notifications based on some spaces / page similar to isssues in jira.

Thank you!

Hi @mohitvarma
unfortunately, there is no other way to send a notification email to Jira users. And you don’t control the layout of the notification email body either.
The only alternative is to request from Atlassian access to the API that returns user emails, and send emails from your own app infrastructure. But of course emails won’t be coming from Jira.