Cannot enable imported plugins in standalone confluence app for local development

Hi Team,

I am trying to test out the use case for exporting to static html using this plugin. Since it allows user to modify the html template, it is developer’s responsibility to make changes to the template, generate a plugin jar and import it into its organization’s confluence server.

However, I would like to test it out locally by using atlas-run-standalone --product confluence.
Everything runs fine, until I import the custom jar as plugin. It shows up as disabled with no way of enabling it. Am i missing some setting which changes this behavior?

Is it possible that it depends on the Scroll Exporter plugin? Are you installing that plugin prior to enabling the custom module? Just wondering, not sure if that’s how this works…

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Yes. That was the reason. I just got it resolved. It still says one of the module is missing, but not having the plugin itself was the problem. I was hoping the template would work completely out of the box. Not a great assumption.

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