Cannot find installed APP

I am following these instructions

I have deployed to and installed
but when I look at the roadmap. I don’t see the Atlassian Logo as it says in the instructions so I don’t see the app I installed. Also when I setup the development i had to us dastech and not das-tech. I think my products are not aligned. is there a way to check and get them aligned?

Looking at the cli I have this

C:\Users\davidsherer\Test-Hello-World>forge deploy
Deploying your app to the development environment.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Running forge lint…
No issues found.

| Deploying your app to development…

i Packaging app files
√ Deploying your app to development…

i Packaging app files
i Uploading app
i Validating manifest
i Snapshotting functions
i Deploying to environment

√ Deployed

Deployed your app to the development environment.

C:\Users\davidsherer\Test-Hello-World>forge install
Select the product your app uses.

? Select a product: Jira

Enter your site. For example, your-domain[.]atlassian

? Enter the site URL: das-tech[.]atlassian[.]net(had to add the 's here because it wouldn’t let me post with more than 2 links)

Installing your app onto an Atlassian site.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Your app will be installed with the following scopes:

  • read:me

? Do you want to continue? Yes

√ Install complete!

I do not have a das-tech development site. because It wouldn’t let me create one. Going to try and create it again

Okay I am not sure why from the CLI Instructions it would not allow me to install Jira Software in das-tech. I was able to install it from the web interface and I see my app there. Can consider this case closed.

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