Cannot include web-resources in my jira-plugin



Hello guys,

I try to include a web-resource in my velocity template to style an input field. Unfortunately nothing happens. These are the methods I tried so far:

This one does literally nothing

Same. Nothing happens

This macro cannot be recognized and will be printed as a string in the html code

When I try to add a general context (atl.general or jira.general) to my web-resource everything breaks. A long javascript code will be printed on my jira site and the styling is completely broken.
I also recreated the plugin to reproduce this issue and it happens everytime…

Here’s my web-resource:
<web-resource name=“MyResource” i18n-name-key=“” key=“my-resource”>
<description key=“my-resource.description”>The MyResource Plugin</description>
<resource namePattern=“MyRes” type=“download” location="/css/test.css"/>

Thank you in advance for your answer.