Cannot publish a Bitbucket Cloud version of my Data Center app (a connect app)


(Also submitted as support ticket ECOHELP-22734 ).

We recently ported our Bitbucket Data Center app to Bitbucket Cloud. Since Bitbucket is still on Connect, it’s a Connect app.

Here’s the descriptor:

We would really like to publish this to Marketplace, but cannot figure out how to do that !

The “Provide A URL” option seems to blow up because of a missing “fileInfo” JSON entry, and of course the “Forge App” option does not seem viable for us.

Update (12 hours later):

Okay, by setting the “scopes” to an empty-array we were able to get a little further, but now we get a strange “Not compatible with Bitbucket” error: “path: /compatibilities/0/application”.

Hi @sylvie ,

Maybe you experience the same issue as in this thread?

I would try replacing adminPage with adminPages.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks this helped solve my issue too.

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