Cannot resolve dependencies in new Jira plugin created from scratch

I’m trying to configure IDEA to use the Atlassian SDK as described here:

  1. I’ve created new plugin from scratch with


  1. I’ve imported pom.xml with IDEA 2019.2 CE

But it cannot resolve 5 dependencies:

  • com.atlassian.plugin:atlassian-spring-scanner-annotation:1.2.13
  • com.atlassian.plugins:atlassian-plugins-osgi-testrunner:2.0.1
  • com.atlassian.plugin:atlassian-spring-scanner-runtime:1.2.13
  • com.atlassian.jira:jira-api:7.13.0

I’m novice in Java and Jira plugin development, does it mean that these packages are missing in the maven repo?



check if your Maven home directory is pointing to the one included in the Atlassian SDK.
(preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Build Tools -> Maven)

By default it’s set to the bundled Maven version coming with IDEA.
Dependencies from Atlassian can not be resolved, because they are not available in the Maven standard repositories.

But those repositories are pre-configured in the Atlassian SDK’s Maven.

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@ccsno thank you! it works! Is it (switching to Atlassian Maven) preferable way to solve this issue in Java-world? Is changing repositories in the pom.xml better solution?

You should switch to the Atlassian SDK’s Maven because the Atlassian SDK is managing things for us there.

@sfbehnke thanks, I’ve got you.

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Hi @sfbehnke, @ccsno tried switching to maven home directory of Atlassian SDK. But, I get the same issue. Can you please comment on what else could be a problem?

Hi @rohitagarwal,

if it is really the same problem (dependency resolving in IDEA), I can think of these other possibilities:

  1. the path to the atlassian-plugin-sdk’s Maven is wrong (note, that atlas-update might add a different maven folder)
  2. your personal maven settings override some configuration (to prevent that, check “Override” for “User settings file” in the Maven configuration)
  3. the settings are all correct, but you have to manually trigger the Maven rebuild (or enable “Import Maven projects automatically” in the Maven -> Importing settings)

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Hi @ccsno

I was able to resolve the dependency and change the settings. The reason why IntelliJ couldn’t write to that SDK folder was due to permission issues set by my IT admin team. got it resolved. thanks.

However, after using JIRA SDK as the source for library, the size of the plugin seems to be 3+ MB. I feel it’s too heavy. The entire functionality of the plugin is only to build a JQL function. Do you have any guidance on how to reduce the memory footprint of the plugins?


My larger plugins are 328 KB on disk. 3+ MB is definitely not typical. You may want to unpack the JAR or OBR and just look to see what’s taking up space.

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