Cannot see content of large files in SourceTree


I’m trying SourceTree on Windows 7x64.
The problem is that SourceTree doesn’t show content of files that have more than 99 rows.

I tried to change settings in Tools -> Options -> Diff
Max File Count: 10
Size Limit (Text): 1024 Kb
Max Diff Line Count: 10000
Size Limit (Binary): 10240 Kb

But it doesn’t help. Seems like these settings don’t have any effect at all.

Hi, I’m one of the SourceTree devs.
Yes it looks like a bug in the application of these settings. Its something we are actively looking into at the moment. We expect to put a fix into our Beta program releases shortly and then into production in the not too distant future.

Thank you.
I didn’t say before: this behavior is actual only for untracked and unstaged files. As soon as they become tracked or staged, their content is being shown properly.