Cannot update Soy template from Server side Java code in Dashboard item

I am creating a dashboard item and want to stick with server side coding. I have a very basic soy template:

* Init
* @param version
* @param bitbucket
{template .Static}
 <div id="dynamic-content3" />
 <div font-size: 10%; ><p class="indent">{$version} : Bitbucket:{$bitbucket}</p></div>

* Content dynamic view
* @param message
{template .Content}
 <div font-size: 10%; ><p class="indent2">Message= {$message}</p></div>

I can successfully send property values to the Static template from the getContextMap method:

        newContext.put("version", plugin.getPluginInformation().getVersion());

However in a different method I am attempting to insert values into the Content template but it does nothing (no error as I am using the correct completeModuleKey and Template name) and the return string value of the render method is : “<div font-size: 10%; >

Message= valid message

” when I print it. So why is my soy template not being rendered properly at the client? Again the population of the Static template IS being rendered properly in my dashboard item.

Here is relevant Java code:

    public String writeToSoyTemplate(String text) {
        Map<String, Object> data = new HashMap<String,Object>();
        data.put("message", text);
        String moduleKey = GROUP_ID + "." + ARTIFACT_ID + ":" + RESOURCE_KEY;
        return this.soyTemplateRenderer.render(moduleKey , SOY_TEMPLATE_KEY, data );