Cannot upload an app from my computer

Hi. I am trying to upload a downloaded app, the Page Tree Creator from EPS Software Engineering AG, to attempt to use as an alternative to creating multi-page blueprints (which I had asked here ).

From my understanding, I should be able to upload a file with the downloaded app (a JAR) into my atlassian site via the Upload App option in Manage Apps, but as I try this option all I see is this:


I created this atlassian site myself, so I should have enough credentials to allow for apps to be uploaded, or is it that I have neglected to enable any options? Under settings, I have checked both Enable private listings and Enable development mode, but is there anything I am missing?

Please let me know if there is something I have not done, or if the upload option is even available. Thank you.

Hello @carlos,

The app you downloaded is for a server deployment. If you are working on a cloud instance, like, then that is not compatible.


So I take it we cannot upload apps for Confluence Cloud, other than a URL to the app descriptor? I guess I’ll keep looking in the marketplace if there is an alternative we can use

Yes, that is correct. To make searching easier for you, filter the apps wherein hosting is for cloud.