Cann't get pullrequest from given commit uuid

hi there,
i want to get all pull requests from given commit uuid by “”.


{“type”: “error”, “error”: {“message”: “Resource not found”, “detail”: "There is no API hosted at this URL.\n\nFor information about our API’s, please refer to the documentation at:

Your URL is not quite right, it needs to be:

Here is the API doc for the API you are looking for -{workspace}/{repo_slug}/commit/{commit}/pullrequests

sorry, TYPO, I did use the correct url:

And in api doc, I found " Pull Request Commit Links app must be installed first before using this API". May I know what does it mean?

Ah yeah. For your workspace “MyTeam”, you will have to go to the Bitbucket UI to view a commit, e.g.

Then you have to click on the “Go to pull request” link on the right side, which will automatically install the addon. The reason is that the addon is not automatically installed for all workspaces. Note that you will only have to do that once for each workspace that you’re using.