Can't find Issue panel action in UI Kit 2

Hi, Forge team

I’ve been developing an application that has an Issue panel module with Forge. But I couldn’t find documentation for issue panel action in UI Kit 2, while UI Kit supports issue panel action by <IssuePanelAction> component. Could you let me know how to implement issue panel action with UI Kit 2?


Hi @noahinat thanks for reaching out.

We are currently in the midst of reaching parity with UI Kit 2 to ensure we implement or supplement what is available now in UI Kit 1.

I’m going to chat to the team to see how we can assist you further

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At this time it is not supported in UI Kit 2, but as we approach closer to GA we expect it to be so.

@BeauWilliams Thanks for your quick reply. I could work around the issue with UI Kit. I hope it to be resolved in GA!

This would indeed be really helpful to have again.

Unfortunately, I still can’t find the option to hook into the action menu. Any chances that this is going to be implemented? @BeauWilliams

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