Can't integrate sentry with bitbucket

Hello, i’m sorry if this isn’t the right place. Please direct me to the correct place if it isn’t.

Anyway, i’m trying to integrate sentry with bitbucket but when doing so i’m presented with a message that the developer mode in bitbucket must be enabled, along with a disabled Grant Access button.

The problem is that i can’t find the Developer mode setting in bitbucket’s Settings page.

How can i solve this?

Hi @HenriqueAlmeida ,

I would start checking which version of Sentry is being used? Is that the or a version hosted on premises? If it’s hosted on premises, is that the most recent version?

When you say that you couldn’t find the “Developer mode” settings, did you follow the steps from this page: Enable Bitbucket Cloud development mode | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support?

I also found this note on the Sentry documentation

Sentry owner or manager permissions, and Bitbucket admin permissions are required to install this integration.

Can you confirm that your account has admin permissions in Bitbucket?

And one last thing, this is about, correct? Not the Server & Data Center version.