Can't return value other than string or object with invoke from resolver


No problem to return a string or an object from a resolver, but when I try to return something different, like a Blob, I receive nothing.

// resolvers/index.js
const resolver = new Resolver();

resolver.define('getBlob', async (req) => {
  const data = new Blob(['Test']);
  return data;

resolver.define('getObject', (req) => {
  const data = { test: 'what' };
  return data;
// frontend/index.jsx
const myBlob = await invoke('getBlob')
const myObject = await invoke('getObject')

In the console, myBlob is empty and myObject is okay:

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for your help!

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Hi Bertrand,

At present all results returned from resolvers have to be JSON serializable. Can you describe to me your use case?


Hi @JamesDumay ,

That was my problem: I was trying to return something not serializable… It’s fixed (even if it was not that easy because I had to deal with Buffers and ArrayBuffers, and serialization was not straight forward for me :smiley: )
Thank you!