Cant Search for Projects

Regardless of if I am using client libraries, or Postman, or other…

I can see projects in both my corporate and personal accounts with basic authentication and a PAT…

BUT NOT with

That always 401, even though I can clearly browse to

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @DavidVCorbin,

Your projects aren’t hosted on That’s Atlassian’s instance of Jira.

That makes sense, except I can browse the projects using the second link I provided, so from a security standpoint it seems inconsistent. All of the relevant data could be retrieved for example by using Selenium.


That’s a feature, not a bug. That site is an intentionally public instance of Jira used as our open bug tracker. Although it might look like you can find all the projects, I assure you you can’t. Some projects on that Jira are private, and you won’t see them in the API.

Were you able to find the URL for your own Jira site?

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In addition to the information that @ibuchanan has provided you with, you said:

… /rest/api/3/project/search …that’s always 401

The Jira instance at that URL is not running on Jira Cloud; it’s running on Jira SERVER v9.4.21

{“baseUrl”:“”,“version”:“9.4.21”,“versionNumbers”:[9,4,21],“deploymentType”:“Server”,“buildNumber”:940021,“serverTitle”:“Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.”}

… so a 401 error should come as no surprise at all, since there are no v3 endpoints to service your request.

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@ ibuchanan - thanks… yes, other sites work fin, and I expected that there would be a mix of project, some public, some private. but my expectation is that if I can see data point X via method A (opening a browser), then I should be able to see that same data via method B (using an API)…

Not it is interesting that @ sunnyape pointed out that it is running Server and that there are no v3 endpoints… but is that really a 401?

Similarly, I had at one point made a paste error in my PAT. I did not get a 401, but rather got a 200 with the “JSON structure” of the normal response but no content…

Are you familiar with the “principal of least surprise?” I am finding lots of surprises :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: