Cant use endpoint due to missing scope grants despite having proper scopes

I am trying to fetch the list of issues for a specific board using the /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/issue endpoint, I get this error:

Access to the resource was denied due to missing scope grants. Your app was granted the following scopes: [read:issue-details:jira, read:jira-work, offline_access, read:me, write:jira-work, read:jira-user].
The resource can be accessed by having one of these groups of scopes:

  • [read:issue-details:jira, read:board-scope:jira-software].

As you can see, despite having the read:issue-details:jira scope in the application, which is one of the two required ones, I still can’t fetch the issues - I get the 403 code with the error described above. The application is authorized via OAuth 2.0.

Why am I getting this error even though the scope of application is set correctly?
What should I do to retrieve data in this situation?

Hello @MichaPlichta

You haven’t set the scope correctly.

The documentation says that the read:board-scope:jira-software scope is required, but you have omitted it. The error message is telling you exactly that:

@MichaPlichta I’m afraid that error message was designed to hold a list of groups of scopes (see Scopes for OAuth 2.0 (3LO) and Forge apps), but the actual error message you saw only held one such group.

The square brackets surround a group of required scopes, and as @sunnyape rightly points out, the endpoint is documented to require both of these scopes.

We will update the error message template to avoid this confusion. Thanks for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

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I see you use scope “read:me” but i don’t this scope in the documentation (
Where have you found it?


You linked the right document. Here’s a link to the section where it’s mentioned:

Thank you