Capitalization report plugin location inside jira

I need to create a plugin that provides a capitalization report. The report should take the total time spent specified in the work logs. My question is, where should I put this feature inside Jira. Should I add it as a gadget, should I add it to reports section or neither?

Also, what is the correct plugin module to start with?

Depends on what you’re trying to do really. If you’re looking across a project, then maybe a project page might be best:

If you’re looking across search then a search view might be a decent approach:

If you’re looking at the dashboard view:

If you’re wanting to do a more formal report:

Basically, there a bunch of approaches out there - it’s a question about what you’re wanting to do. The easiest way is to do it through a standard servlet and then just tie it into the ui at the appropriate place using a web-item.