'card-badges' not called on new card

I have a power-up that adds badges to a new card when added to the board. I notice that if I refresh the board, ‘card-badges’ is called, if I move the card from one list to another ‘card-badges’ is called, but NOW when I add a new card to the board, ‘card-badges’ IS NOT called.

This was working earlier this week, but as of now it is busted. I created a simple shell Power-Up that has only card-badges and put a console statement in it and verified that this is a problem in Trello not calling the capability, not an issue in my code.

Trello Team: I have customers complaining to me!!! Please help!

Here is my code in my hello-world sample, as you can see it is SUPER simple:

  'card-badges': (t) =>{
    return {
      text: "hello",
      icon: ``, // for card front badges only
      color: null,

Is there anyone at Trello @AtlassianSupport / @AtlassianDeveloper that haunt these boards that can confirm this issue for me?

I am still seeing the problem. I would like to know someone is aware of this.

Community: Is ANYONE else having this problem with badges updating?

The moment a card is created the ‘card-badges’ capability callback should be executed and it is not anymore. It seemed to stop working sometime late last week.

Please help!

Hello -

Anyone at Atlassian or Trello (@AtlassianSupport / @AtlassianDeveloper) able to comment on this issue?

I am still seeing the problem. I create a NEW card and the ‘card-badges’ event is NOT firing. I have tested a skeleton Power-Up in Store App, FF, Chrome, Edge, Safari on Windows. Same issue. The ‘card-badges’ event/capability is NOT receiving the callback on NEW cards.

This recently broke. Anyone else in the community having this problem?

Here is a video using a skeleton add-in. All it does it sit on ‘card-badges’ and puts an image on the badge. If I create a card - no badge. If I move the card, I get a badge.

What is happening here?


(@AtlassianSupport / @AtlassianDeveloper) Hello???

Hey @DEC, so sorry for the delay here! It looks like there’s definitely a bug here, so we’ll start looking into it immediately. Bear with us for a minute while we figure out what’s going on.

Thank you.

Hey @DEC, we’ve tracked it down and deployed a fix. Could you give it a spin to see if things are working now on your end? You may have to refresh your page to ensure you’re on the latest version of Trello.

Yes! Confirmed! :slight_smile: It is working now.

Thank you!

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