Card component crashing with the new 'Full Trello Card Covers' feature

A couple of days ago you have introduced the ‘Full Trello Card Covers’ feature:

It seems that your <trello-card> component is not handling it very well.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In the original card choose some color as the cover and choose size “full”
  2. Go to a page with <trello-card> component connected to that card and notice that everything works as in the native Trello component.
  3. In the original card choose “Remove Cover”.
  4. Notice that the page with <trello-card> component crashed.

I believe that the issue presents itself, when one passes a card object to the <trello-card> that looks like this:

card = {
  cover: {
    color: 'null',
    size: 'full'

Can you try to reproduce it?

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Thanks for the report! I’ve been able to repro, and have a fix in the works.

Great! Glad to be of help! :slight_smile:
How can I get notified when you have released the fix?