CCMA problem with app vendor checks

Hi Team,
We tried adding app vendor check for my app, but it does not seem to be checking as expected.
CCMA shows this way (below) and I don’t see the MyCheckRepositoryImpl class gets called. We followed this sample app. Only difference between our app and sample app is our app is spring scanner enabled, hence exported the service as below instead of adding the component to atlassian-plugin.xml. Any idea what’s missing?

public class MyCheckRepositoryImpl implements PreMigrationCheckRepository {

Thank you!

Hi @sunita, how are you?

I can’t see any problems in the code snippet. But there are three things worth checking:

  • We are aware of an existing issue around apps that don’t override the method getServerAppKey. Until the fix gets delivered in the CMA’s I’d suggest overriding that method and double-checking the returned value.

  • Is your app following these recommendations about how to expose components?

  • Is CMA invoking the method DiscoverableListener.onStartAppMigration() during the migration? That would help to identify potential issues between OSGi components.

We are planning to release another sample using Spring Scanner 2 soon. That can surface configuration divergences that could cause your issue. I’ll let you know when it gets published.

In the meantime, feel free to share any log entries or extra details you may find relevant.

Thank you!

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Hello again @sunita!

We just released another sample app on our examples repository. This one uses Spring Scanner 2.

When you have a chance, please take a look at it to check for any configuration divergences with your app code.

Please let me know if that helped.


Apologies for the delay Andre!!
I missed checking it. Thank you for the sample with spring scanner2!
Yes, now it seem to be working at least I could the pre migration test checks.
Will explore further for my app. :+1:
Thank you again!

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