Change Fisheye smart commit ISSUE_KEY detection


I’m searching an option so override the Fisheye smart commit ISSUE_KEY detection.

The background is that we use an own ticket number for our customer issues. We have added an own field with this ticket number to Jira already. We also have some crosslinks installed. The issue is that our developers has to commit under the ticket number, because additional processes are triggered in the background. So that we have to keep this ticket number in your system.

So we are searching for an option to modify the commit <-> Jira issue assignment.

Is there an option to override / extend the Fisheye smart commit ISSUE_KEY detection?

Or are we able to implement an own issue assignment?

We could just force our developer to add the ISSUE_KEY and the ticket number in each commit, but as you know this could end in chaos.

We would use the latest Jira and Fisheye version.
Our repo is SVN.

Thank you for your efforts.