Change in Issue created Webhook event


We’ve encountered difficulties parsing events from Jira Cloud after creating an jira issue. Previously, we didn’t handle request bodies with empty payloads because we consistently received JSON responses since 2019. However, in recent instances, we’re receiving empty request bodies also.

We’re eager to understand when Jira Cloud sends empty JSON responses in the jira issue created webhook event. Additionally, we’re unsure if there have been any changes from Jira Cloud’s side or if we’ve misconfigured something in Jira.

Any insights you can provide will assist us in improving our system to handle such scenarios effectively. Please inform us at your earliest convenience.

Thank you

Hi @JashanGoyal,
I’m from the webhook team and I don’t recall any recent changes there.
Can you share with me info on how the webhooks are registered?
Is it done via Admin UI (Settings → System → WebHooks)?
If yes, please make sure that none of them has Exclude body option set to Yes.

Other options to register webhooks are:

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