Change in the way {repo_path} is encoded?

I’m trying to track down an issue with our Bitbucket cloud add-on. It looks like there has been a change in the way the {repo_path} context parameter is encoded.

Our url specified in the json descriptor file is: /bitbucket/{repo_path}/board

As of last week we were receiving URLs like this


This week it looks like the slash between the repo owner and the repo name is now getting encoded and we are getting urls like this:


Is this a bug or a change that we have missed somewhere?


Hey Shannon,
This is potentially a bug with something we recently shipped. I’ll take a look and get back to you.

Development Team Lead, Bitbucket Cloud

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Hey Shannon,
Yes, this was due to a change we just rolled out. We were trying to fix encoding issues for other customers. We now support RFC-6570 for uri templates.

The fix for this is to update your url from {repo_path} to {+repo_path} (the ideal update is to use {+repository.full_name}). See our Context parameters documentation page for more information. If you need help migrating existing installations, we can help with that. Feel free to stop by the Bitbucket Integrators public HipChat room if you have any questions (there will be people available during normal business hours for the PDT timezone).

Development Team Lead, Bitbucket Cloud

Thanks for the update Eric, I’ll ask out team to make the suggested changes.

I don’t see any reference about ‘+’ on the context parameters documentation page, is this something undocumented or am I missing something obvious there?

Where was this update to the URL encoding announced for our future reference so we can keep an eye on these type of things?

You aren’t missing anything. The ‘+’ is part of the feature that just rolled out. We will be documenting the feature in the near future and then announcing it through the usual channels.