Change notice: Connect app page in next-gen project settings now consumes the full width of the page

With the Project Admin Tab Panel module, a Connect app can register a tab and a corresponding page on the Jira project settings page. This module works for both classic and next-gen project settings page. Up to now, there is a slight discrepancy between classic and next-gen. In classic, a Connect app page can consume the full width of the page. However, this is not the case for next-gen where the connect app page is limited to 960px.

To better align the two experiences, we are removing the width limitation in next-gen.

This change has already been rolled out to Jira instances that are enrolled to the cloud vendor first release group. We will roll out to the general public on August 5th. We are not expecting apps to be affected by this change but please let us know by replying to this announcement if your app has been affected.