Change notice - Removal of private email address from webhooks' payload

The emailAddress for a user is no longer included in a webhook payload, if the user has set their email address to private. If your app expects this property to be present, you must update it. This change is already live and applies to Jira platform (Jira Core) APIs only.

Why this change?

In June 2018, we announced major changes to Jira Cloud REST APIs to improve user privacy (GDPR). One of the changes was that a user can restrict their personal information. This meant that the user’s emailAddress may be returned as null.

When this was first implemented, the email address in webhook payloads for Jira was set to "emailAddress”: ”?” for any user who had restricted their email address. However, "emailAddress”: ”?” is not very useful. We’ve decided to improve this experience by removing the emailAddress property instead if the user has restricted their email address.

If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to raise a ticket in our developer service desk.