Change on number of issues can be created in a single bulk create issues request

Affected Endpoint POST /rest/api/{v:2|3|latest}/issue/bulk
API Specification V2: The Jira Cloud platform REST API
V3: The Jira Cloud platform REST API
Date of Change Dec 15, 2021

What is changing?

Bulk create issues endpoint will be limited to allow creation of up to 50 issues in a single request. Any request has more than 50 issues to be created will be rejected with a 400 HTTP status code.

Why is Atlassian making this change?

The bulk create issues endpoint has no apparent limit on the number of issues can be created in a single request. Periodically, we see customers send through request with a huge number of issues. However, a large enough number of issues can lead to an HTTP request timeout, as Jira is not able to create all the issues within the appropriate timeframe. While the customer receives a 504 HTTP status code when the request is taking too long to process, the request may or may not still succeed in the background, with the customer having no way to tell. Therefore, we would like to set an explicit limit on the number of issues the endpoint will accept in a single request.

With observation of traffic for bulk issue creates from the past two weeks, 99.81% of requests have between 1 and 50 issues. For requests with over 50 issues, we see 27.14% of requests take more than 30 seconds, and 20.81% of them take longer than 60 seconds, to process. Thus we believe 50 is a sensible limit to put on the endpoint.

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